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Life West recognizes alumni during Black History Month

In accordance with Black History Month, the Life West community would like to celebrate some of our graduates! We asked them to share their experiences at Life West and where they are now.

Dr. Okeigwe

Dr. Onuoha Okeigwe graduated from Life West in September 2017 and built HOPE Chiropractic Health Clinic, located in Lagos, Nigeria. He says, “We officially opened March 1, 2018. The clinic is equipped with digital X-ray, a Titron scanner, diversified table, Gonstead table, Toggle table, knee-chest table and resting area (four zero gravity chairs). My experience at Life Chiropractic College West was good. The opportunity to learn different adjusting techniques was the key to me being able to be flexible and have more than one tool/technique when it comes to serving my community and country. Right after graduation, I moved to Nigeria and opened my own clinic. The experience I gained from doing more than what was required during my time in student clinic and outpatient clinic was truly the key to me being confident enough to step out and open my own clinic, know what I wanted, how I wanted to operate and also being able to serve and help the people that come to the clinic here in Lagos, Nigeria. I am thankful for the doctors, teachers and mentors who motivated me and guided me throughout my journey at LCCW. Thank you!” For more information please visit his Instagram page: @hchealthclinic or watch this video.

Dr. Motley

Dr. Jamie Motley graduated from Life West in 2008. She is a first-generation college student, earning her first degree from Temple University. In 2012, she became the first African-American chiropractic radiologist in the world and continues to strive for excellence in the field of chiropractic. One of her mantras: “Strive for unprecedented success in your world!” Accordingly, she became a full-time faculty member at Life West to inspire students to achieve success, despite any obstacles or barriers they may face. She teaches radiology, physics of diagnostic radiology and regional anatomy. She is also a mentor to several of her students and makes herself available to support them as they embark on their journey to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.

We are proud to see our alumni achieve success after graduation. If you have a story you would like to share or would like to be featured, please contact Kathy Miedema at kmiedema@lifewest.edu.

— By Mercy Higgwe

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