By Dr. Oberstein

In this issue of the Life West magazine, we talk about the term Salutogenesis and how it applies to the chiropractic model of health.

In the most recent issue of the magazine, Life West took a stand on the term vertebral ubluxation. We wrote about why it was an important phrase in today’s modern chiropractic language, giving us both historical context as well as a way to understand, very specifically, what is happening within the spine and nervous system.

In this issue, we are talking again about the chiropractic language. Our words define us and our way of practicing. A term like Salutogenesis, which literally means the “creation of health,” provides us with an opportunity to talk about the Vitalistic chiropractic model in a way that offers vivid clarity and guidance.

At Life West, it’s a priority to educate both our students and the public about the ways in which chiropractic care can create a healthier world. By focusing on the ways in which chiropractic can not only offer a creation of health, but also an ongoing journey toward optimal health, we are most certainly designing the
roadmap to “Creating A Brighter Future For Humanity.”