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Taskforce Communication: May 24, 2021

New simplified Covid screening procedures have been issued by Alameda County Public Health Department. As a result the college has updated the pre-screening form and you can find the new form here for employees. The new form for students is here. These new forms have been updated on the college website and can be found here on the COVID-19 Campus Update page.

All students, faculty, staff and administration have until May 28th (Friday this week) to complete this new form. When you enter the building on Tuesday June 1st the screener will check that you are on the pre-screened list based on the new form, and you will be issued with a new color sticker for your ID card.

The college will be issuing new color stickers as needed, and as long as you have the current color sticker and you are on the pre-screened list based on the new form, you will be able to access the campus regularly and at any time.
As before, access for students is only through the Student Entrance. The Health Center entrance is for employees, interns, patients and visitors to the college.

As mentioned in previous communications, if you have been in contact with anyone who is COVID-19 symptomatic, please stay home, get tested, isolate yourself and follow the usual protocol. If you are symptomatic, please do not come to campus and stay home. Alameda County recommends that all people independently screen themselves daily prior to departing from home, and if symptomatic with Covid related symptoms, stay home.

If you have any questions or need to speak with someone on campus, students are to contact Professor David Straub at dstraub@lifewest.edu; staff/faculty, please contact Tarsha Addison at taddison@lifewest.edu. If you do test Covid-19 positive, please let us know immediately and isolate yourself to protect others from infection. Isolation instructions can be viewed here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at taskforce@lifewest.edu

Life West Taskforce Response Team

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