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We did it! Campaign for Gross Anatomy Lab a success

Anatomage table

It’s done! The Gross Anatomy Lab Capital Campaign successfully concluded in June, thanks to  generous donors on our Life West Giving Day. Students at Life West are now enjoying the benefits of the best chiropractic basic sciences program on the West Coast.

At the heart of the campaign was the acquisition of several digital dissection tables by Anatomage for use in the classrooms, lab, and in any location on campus calling for remote teaching and learning or testing. The first of the Anatomage Tables was installed in a classroom for the summer quarter. A second will be acquired by the end of the calendar year.

Upgrades to the existing laboratories include new digital recording and display devices, and we’ve replaced shelving and wood paneling with more sanitary and maintainable stainless steel. Two new cadavers and five sets of cadaver bones also will ensure the tactile experience and unique aspects of the human form are still central to the student experience.

Many thanks to all who have supported the campaign and made this technology, equipment and materials available to the next generation of chiropractors at Life West.

You can still visit our website to learn more about the project and view a TED talk by one of the creators of the amazing Anatomage Table.

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