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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Zack Blooom

Life Past, Life West

I enjoyed my time at Life West to learn and train for my future. Wrapping up my Air Force career during this time was interesting but needed. Life West supported me through the process, and I am eternally grateful. Graduating during Covid was an entirely different level. For starters, although I graduated on time with my class, I never had the privilege of walking across the stage with them and receiving my diploma, as the restrictions at the time didn’t permit it. But I received my diploma nonetheless and got to work.
Step one in my journey after school was to take over and reopen a practice for a chiropractor who had lost his life suddenly. Due to this circumstance, the practice was closed for a period. This was very challenging but with that challenge came an immense reward. We were able to be a light in such a hard time which was meaningful to all of us. I was starting my journey and figuring out how I wanted to serve my patients. I envisioned what I wanted this practice to be. I wanted to focus on the correction of subluxation and the power of chiropractic as my primary service rendered.

It is very important to track goals along the way to make sure your practice is growing. Seeing 5 patients in a day in the beginning is a big win. Celebrate every step along the way. As you jump from 5 to 10 from 10 to 20 from 20 to 50 and so on! Having good systems in place in your office and making sure you’re celebrating the wins, both big and small, will be key to rapid growth in your office.
Systems also come in handy when hiring employees, associates, starting a second clinic, or investing in other clinics/businesses. No matter what the venture is, having a tried-and-true system is not only key but also necessary. I learned as much as possible and went to many practice management groups to see where I fit best. Focus and Pinnacle Chiropractic Systems are where I gained most of my knowledge for growth. These groups are what you make of them. They do not do it for you but when you are ready to apply yourself and do the work, the rewards are endless.

Owning and operating your clinic isn’t for everyone. It will truly be harder than any challenge you came across during your time in chiropractic college. But if you’re the type that feels called towards entrepreneurship, the rewards will be greater than you ever imagined.

A friend of mine (Dr. Hayden Klein 😉) once told me that growing a chiropractic office is like running for Mayor. You want to shake every hand and kiss every baby. Get in front of as many people as you can and make a positive impression. Before you know it, every time you go to the grocery store, or out to dinner, you’ll be seeing your patients and other business owners you’ve networked with. Building your reputation and finding the best ways to serve your community are so important, so make sure you bring you’re “A GAME”.

This journey of running an office won’t be easy. Remember to get started with good healthy habits in the beginning to build your foundation for you to grow. You must make taking care of yourself a priority to be able to show up for your patients consistently.

Reading, and always remaining curious and open to learning will also be crucial to your success as a chiropractic clinic owner/operator. Build certainty in what you do by reading the Chiropractic Textbook, and the Glory of Going On, a couple of my favorite green books. “Are you the Doctor, Doctor?” And “Life Without Fear” By Fred Barge are also excellent choices to build a young DC’s confidence in what they do. Two books you can be assured that anyone who has met tremendous success has read are “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “Think and Grow Rich.” These books will teach you some critical communication skills and the power of visualization and belonging to a “mastermind” group.

Finally, work on strengthening your greatest asset. YOU. As chiropractors, we personally deliver our product to our customers. So, it is of the utmost importance that we sharpen ourselves like you would an instrument or tool. Remain in great physical shape and practice the principles you teach your own patients about exercise and eating healthy. Never be afraid to challenge yourself with new things either, as it will only make you stronger mentally and give you the grit you need to succeed at running a practice.

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