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2014 Chiropractic Games

25 Life West Students Sent to the Beach

25 Life West students left the Hayward campus on October 31st to head to the 2014 Chiropractic Games in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Life West hasn’t participated since 2001 at the Chiropractic Games, which were started in 1992 and have become an annual tradition and a highlight of the academic year for many chiropractic students.

Upon arriving in Cocoa Beach, the Life West crew were welcomed by hurricane-like winds and subjected to flying dirt and salty food but the tough conditions did not dishearten our athletes. Each of the three Life West teams fought hard despite being severely undermanned and understaffed.

Many opponents had large numbers of substitute players and Life West teams often had only one; however we thrived. It was from these challenges that unity amongst our teams developed. As fatigue and exhaustion set in from playing three games a day with few breaks, our three teams began to act as one. The magic began. During the short breaks between matches, each Life West team headed to the games of its colleagues to cheer them on. It was immediate evident to everyone that the constant, enthusiastic support that came from all 25 participants would be the only way the athletes would make it through the weekend. The pathway to success was clear to all– Unity.

With a strong passion and school spirit that quickly spread beyond their own team, the Life West teams showed great athleticism, sportsmanship and professionalism on their way to many victories, accolades and complimentary remarks. We won some games and proud of our performance. All are looking forward to participating in 2015.

Jackie Biron, Director of Student Services and Life West Campus Coordinator, said

“I have a new respect for all of the student athletes that represented Life West at the Chiropractic Games. They have renewed the good reputation of our school. I am very proud of the way they handled themselves.”

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