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Taskforce Communication: October 26th, 2021


Phased Return of On-Campus Classes for Fall Quarter 2021

As set out in the Provost’s letter sent September 3rd to the college, we are now starting the phased return of classes to campus beginning next week. We are able to do this as we have been advised by Alameda County Public Health Department that the outbreak at the college through the Summer quarter has been resolved.

Students in Qtrs 1-4, along with Faculty, watch out for a message from the Office of Academic Affairs regarding the schedule and other details around the phased return. Also refer to the previous message from the Provost on the phases. As noted by Dr. Donaldson, we know that learning is better when we are in the classroom and both students and faculty are working together.

Continued Precautions

We are thankful to everyone for the care and support you have shown through this difficult period. But we must continue to stay vigilant and professional as we move through Fall quarter. Our goal is to not return to an outbreak status and to do this we need everyone to work hard, stay healthy and be aware of your health status.

Accordingly, the precautions we have set out before still stay the same. The most basic rule we all need to follow is that if you have any symptoms at all, do not come on campus. If you do, and you happen to test Covid positive, it will count against the college in Alameda County’s statistics. If you are Covid positive, follow the established guidelines (see Taskforce message of 9-24-21).

Any student who must stay home due to their symptomatology, exposure to a Covid positive case, or notification of exposure to a previously unknown Covid positive case, will be given the appropriate accommodation to enable them to complete their course, test, lab, etc. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs to arrange this.

Our Faculty is committed to getting everyone, whether on campus or not, the information they need to progress. Videos of classes you miss while home will be available for you to watch so you do not fall behind.

Based on the Alameda County Order, when on campus, everyone, with no exceptions, must wear a mask over their mouth and nose at all times. This is a Health Officer Order and corrective action will be taken if any employees or students are not following this order. Be responsible, be aware, and be supportive of all the Life West community around you.

For any enquiries, please refer to the following:

Advice on Staying Healthy

As always, we encourage everyone to keep your nervous system functioning to the best of its ability by seeing your chiropractor or intern, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, eat healthy and nutritious foods, stay hydrated, keep a positive mental attitude, stay mindful, and support and respect each other. We are stronger together, so please take care of each other as much as you take care of yourselves.

Life West Taskforce Team

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