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Website Update: FAQ Where did it go?

As you are aware our website has changed and will continue to be improved and developed to best meet the needs of our community. Below addresses the most recent questions that have come up.

Where did the Faculty and Staff resources link go?

The Faculty and Staff link is now accessible from the footer. 

Why did we move it there?

Our current web layout strategy is designed to be customer-centric. The Faculty and Staff Resources page has moved to the footer because it is for internal use only. Since we faculty and staff are part of the infrastructure that empowers Life West, it is prudent for us to not take prime real estate in the top navigation. It is best practice to tailor our public-facing site for those we serve–students, alumni, donors, DCs, CAs, and friends of the college.

What’s next?

Good news, we are in the process of building out a Faculty and Staff Dashboard similar to the new Student Dashboard to simplify our access to what is needed most.

Where did the Syllabi go?

The Life West Doctor of Chiropractic Curriculum Syllabi has been redeveloped with all-new functionality that enables students to search through courses by department. 

Where do I access it from?

You can access the syllabi from the top menu under Courses then click on Doctor of Chiropractic. This can also be accessed from within the Academics menu

Where did the policies and disclosures go?

On the desktop, in the main navigation menu, hover over About tab and see the link titled Policies and Disclosures within the second column. From mobile click on the arrow next to About to navigate to the pages within that section.

Where can I view the academic calendar?

The academic calendar can now be viewed in our exciting new online calendar of events. Here you can filter by category and have various views to choose from for ease-of-use.

How can you stay informed?

Please be sure to check out our new Campus Voice online. I will be providing regular web updates here under Marketing Updates in addition to web release notes should you wish to look a little deeper into what’s been added or fixed.

How do I submit Feedback?

How do I report a critical issue?

When there is an issue time if of the essence so please feel free to message me directly on hangouts or text me at 510-876-1028 to alert me to any critical issues. We will do our best to resolve them as quickly as possible.

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