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Rugby Visions

We are happy to announce that we are now offering a Women’s Rugby scholarship in 2015.

Additionally, our men’s team has moved into Division II for the 2015 season. But the real news is less about the here –and-now and more about the journey we are undertaking.

The college vision for the Rugby program has been about building a strong brand that is successful on and off the field. By success, we mean the ability to produce rugby players that compete in a style and manner that aligns to the Life Chiropractic College West brand.

Our goals have gotten far loftier with the recent appointment of former professional rugby player and international coach, New Zealander Adriaan Ferris as the new Life West Athletic Director. His experience in rugby is immense and his drive is robust. His vision includes attracting more people to chiropractic through the game of rugby and the long-term plan is to be the best rugby program in the U.S.A. High Performance player development and gaining a true appreciation for what rugby represents are key. The new coach says that getting people to fall in love with the game and learning to play the way they play in his native homeland, are both part of his master plan.

In any sport, it is important to focus on the essence of what is gained on and off the field. A special camaraderie is important to Life West Rugby. Sportsmanship and gaining a deep understanding of mutual respect are other core goals of the program. Winning titles is one overarching objective but the manner in which we achieve this objective is what Life West Rugby is all about. Having character and earning the respect of our peers and our opponents will be the true indicators of a strong rugby program. And the more we bring attention to the chiropractic way of life, the more lives we can touch.

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