Chiropractors have always cared for athletes. It is easy to see how being adjusted benefits the athlete in terms of pain management and recovery from an injury. The chiropractor’s ability to fine tune the spine and limbs by precisely realigning joints in the human frame is simple to value and understand. Most professional athletes rely upon chiropractors as key players in their training and recovery teams. We have all seen photos and news footage of megastar athletes being adjusted beside the field of play. Sports and chiropractic is a well-established pairing.

The idea of chiropractic and sports that is NOT heard as often is the idea that a subluxation-free athlete will perform better regardless of pain and injury. In fact, when under great chiropractic care the athlete will actually be less likely to become injured. When we consider the powerful and intricate relationship between the brain and the proprioceptive senses (*see chiropractic and proprioception),

it becomes clear that chiropractic adjustments affect the body and the brain in powerful ways that have significant value for anyone in a field which focuses on physical performance.​

Life West is dedicated to training chiropractors to become powerful agents in helping athletes to not only manage their injuries but to excel in their personal expression of health, wellness, vitality and peak performance.

How it Works?

The Chiropractic Sports Program integrates skillful techniques, a powerful philosophy, hands-on training, experienced faculty and a passion for maximizing performance into an empowering educational experience.

The Sports Chiropractic Program at Life West has three primary elements that benefit any student interested in a sports chiropractic approach.


Ways to Learn!

SPI Club Every student can learn the basics and explore the terrain of sports and chiropractic. The club has an experienced sports chiropractor leading and mentoring students as they volunteer and experience VIP access to athletes and sports chiropractors in the area and on campus.

Chiropractic Sports Elective Focuses on fundamentals of practice readiness, starting with the ability to provide a chiropractic protocol to adjusting subluxations in athletes. You will also learn to write a performance program for an athlete (whether for an injury or to optimize performance). You will become proficient at caring for an injured athlete, from on-field emergency care protocols, to long-term strategies for optimizing natural and sustainable recovery.

Research Our students and faculty are gathering evidence to see how the chiropractic adjustment affects performance. Currently we have begun a project on shoulder injuries, and how the adjustment affects strength, injury recovery, and proprioception.


APPLY What you Learn!

Sports Performance Institute Clinical Experience Our SPI facilities allow centralized care and experienced faculty to model a sports performance clinical approach for our student interns. Our unique learning opportunities and access to numerous elite level athletes on campus give one of a kind experiential opportunities to our student clinicians. This facility draws elite athletes as well as local community based athletes to give our students access to a range of experiences.

Sporting Events As a student you will be able to attend a variety of sporting events and learn how to communicate chiropractic and health in the sporting arena. You will observe and assist the lead doctor and in some cases you will be able to provide chiropractic care. These opportunities showcase the practical application of vitalism for athletes as well as the necessary protocols to serve the needs of the events. The guidelines for every event are different and the variety of experiences will set you up to know what to do and to thrive in any version.


Dig Deaper & Gain Experience!

Faculty We have a robust roster of faculty members with years of experience caring for athletes from pro teams and world class competitors to high school and juvenile athletes. Our faculty have cared for the Oakland A’s, the Cal Berkeley Bears, pro volleyball players, ironman competitors and Olympic athletes. They will teach you the technique and the communication skills needed to thrive in the sports chiropractic field.

Technology On the Life West campus we have access to a wide array of top of the line technology including upright MRI, video-fluoroscopy, diagnostic ultrasound, sEMG and cold lasers. Our students have the option to learn to read comprehensive laboratory work, and integrate this with individualized nutraceutical protocols to enhance cellular function.

Philosophy &

Sports Chiropractic

Our Chiropractic sports program is built on a philosophy called VITALISM. In fact, vitalism is one of the things that makes our sports chiropractic program both unique and cutting edge.

This philosophy recognizes the inherent tendency of the human body to heal and to be healthy. We were born to not just endure our physical existence but to be able to excel in all our expressions of life, including physical performance.

This approach is especially exciting in sporting and performance culture where there is high value in sustainable approaches to both injury care as well as optimizing performance for individuals without a known injury. This way of thinking and application of care is highly sought after by pro athletes and amateur athletes alike.